Check the equipment, space is dangerous!

Here’s all you need to know about OPS! in a few simple moves!


Hey spaceman, looks like you do not know where to start!

When you find an astronaut helmet, PRESS IT!

A pop up will appear, that will explain everything you need!


Welcome on board!

This is your homepage, click on the OPS! you’re interested in and begin to explore.

Click on your photo on the upper right hand side to enter your profile.

Click on the icon at the bottom right hand side and begin to launch your OPS!




You have two ways to launch your OPS!: PUBLIC or PRIVATE.


Do you have a lot of friends? Allow everyone to participate in your OPS!. You have up to 10,000 shares available.

In the PUBLIC OPS! participation is anonymous, and you will not see the results until you also participate yourself!


Invite whomever you want, the PRIVATE OPS! will be shown only to invited friends: after you have participated yourself, if you press one of the answers you will see who chose it!



How about an OPS! the outcome of which no one knows except you?


Use it when you only want to see the outcome of your OPS! but careful, if you always hide the outcome,you risk that your friends will no longer take part!!

Share your OPS! PUBLIC on Facebook, you will have much more participation!


Choose an OPS! and explore your chances!

Participates in your favorite PUBLIC OPS!: your friends, or anyone else, are interested in your thoughts!

Everyone sees the results of the PUBLIC OPS! in real time, after they have participated!